Although we started to develop speed limiters for heavy goods vehicles and buses from 1979 the British Standard approval,of which we were involved, wasn’t agreed till 1987. This was superseded by the EC standard in 1992 for all of the European market which introduced speed limiter legislation throughout the EC.

Numerous other countries have introduced speed limiter legislation using the fundamental principles of the EC standard. These include many of the countries listed on our “Worldwide Sales and Distributor Network” (See international link on any page, then Distribution Network)

The standards now apply to all vehicles, cars, vans, trucks and buses etc.

Autokontrol’s Speed Limiter Approvals:-

British Standard BS:AU1987 – ceased 1992

EC Standard 1992 – Active

ARAI/ICAT Standard – India – Active

KEB’s Standard – Kenya – Active

ICAT/ESMA – United Arab Emirates – Active

Ontario – approval by the Ministry of Transport based in St Catherine’s