Until now due to the necessity of travelling at high speeds, Emergency vehicles have been excluded from reaping the benefits of Speed Limiters.

It is an undisputed fact that controlling a vehicles top speed and stopping over revving substantially reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs.  When you add the further benefits of large reductions in Co2 emissions and help in complying with “Duty of Care” legislation, the Blue Light Limiter becomes a “must have” option.

The way it works is simple; we install the Limiter and set the top speed for normal vehicle use.  Once the blue light is activated it immediately cancels the Limiter allowing unrestricted speed, so it can respond to any emergency.  When the blue light is deactivated it automatically reverts to the original set speed.

This is a multifunction limiter and can provide Top Speed, RPM and Reverse Speed limitation all switched on and off through the blue light switch if required.

It already has the approval of several vehicle manufacturers and converters and is in service with various police, ambulance and fire authorities around the country.

Once again Autokontrol has developed and manufactured at its Oldham facility another ground breaking product that makes driving more economical and safer.