System overview:

The latest innovation from Autokontrol. The Datalogger system (patent pending) logs data from the new speed limiter with built in intelligence allowing it to supply trip information i.e. date, start/end time, speed, over speed, tampering etc. This data will be accessible via a USB interface to allow access to be stored data via custom made PC software. The unit is designed to store up to 30 days vehicle and operator data. Once installed the unit will generate a unique identification number, for each vehicle, allowing the user a full account of historical data that cannot be tampered with.

System Operation:

The datalogger constantly receives information (every minute) from the speed limiter and each journey can be downloaded onto a laptop to be stored for future reference plus the added bonus of a dedicated datalogger website which will keep a record of the vehicle data.

An STU (System Test Unit) is fitted in conjunction with the datalogger/speed limiter which gives an audible warning tone when the set speed is reached, this in turn lets the driver know when to decrease speed. The STU also allows Policing units to be plugged in via a RJ45 socket and access the driving information stored.

I.T. Specification:

Upon request


The information supplied is similar to that provided by GPS but in a very limited form requiring NO monthly fee. The datalogger is not compatible with our existing speed limiters only the MICRO systems. An upgrade kit is available for System 80 and DbW, contact us for more information.