System Overview

A truly amazing innovation from Autokontrol. The Geokontrol unit allows the customer to select an plotted area or areas which we can geofence. This could be a street or a whole town, city or state. The Geokontrol can be programmed to either limit the top speed or to reduce an already limited speed vehicle to a lower speed in a specific location. A number of large retail distributors and local councils are already benefiting from Geokontrol and their maintenance costs have decreased sufficiently…  A brilliant product that will save lives!! 

…..sample Geokontrolled areas…..



When operating in conjunction with our Drive by Wire (DBW) speed limiter the GeoKontrol can either be used to set the top speed or a second lower speed (dual) in a geo-fenced location. When operating in conjunction with our System 80 speed limiter the GeoKontrol can only be used for setting the top speed limit in a geo-fenced location.

The minimum speed we would recommend for a system 80 geo-fence application would be 35mph/56kph.

  Please note – there is no monthly fee for this facility unlike many GPS or GPRS systems