It was some 40 years ago that Lubrication Systems were first fitted to buses, at the request of the manufacturers. The primary reason for fitting the system to these vehicles was the difficulty encountered when trying to lubricate the various steering/suspension points due to the bus/coach bodywork. Engineers soon became aware that lubrication fed at regular intervals extended component life, reduced down time, and increased productivity. It is generally accepted by most engineers that it is easier and more efficient to pump lubricant into a bearing in motion, than to force it into a bearing when static.

The Romatic Grease lubrication system was developed in 1979, again incorporating many unique features, and is fitted by numerous UK councils, middle east bus companies and UK refuse vehicle manufacturers.

  • Air operated and electronically controlled.
  • Variable timer incorporates push button test facility and a fault warning light.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • “The most reliable option on the market, and the cheapest to maintain.” (A satisfied user)

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