Multi Speed Limiter

Autokontrol have teamed up with Scorpion™ for the UAE

Our joint intention is to maximise the productivity of fleet operations throughout the middle east, eliminating unnecessary cost and saving valuable time, providing real-time actionable data in the most accessible format, call for details.

Undoubtably the best innovation yet from Autokontrol, a speed limiter that uses road mapping to restrict the top speed of a vehicle to the road speed, this could be 55KPH,  80KPH, 110KPH or even 120KPH on major highways.

Autokontrol have partnered up with Scorpion Automotive who manufacture vehicle telematics to deliver a phenomenal product.

At a time when “Health & Safety” and compliance with “Duty of Care Legislation” is at the top of most companies agenda, the multi speed limiter is another Autokontrol Speed Control System making your drive even safer.

We have a very talented R & D department that strive to deliver the latest innovations in speed and rev limiting. If you require a specific speed limiter please enquire, we may be able to help.