The Drive by Wire (DbW) Speed Control System is designed for vehicles with an Engine Management system (EMS). The vehicle usually has an electronic accelerator pedal (i.e. without a mechanical throttle linkage), which are now coming onto the market in increasing numbers.

The Autokontrol DbW system’s electronic control unit (ECU) receives frequency signals while the vehicle is moving. At a pre-set frequency, which may be the legal maximum speed or the vehicle operator’s required set speed, the ECU transmits a signal to the EMS controlling the top speed.



The Autokontrol System 80 speed control range is one of the most versatile of its type, being suitable for small vehicles through to large trucks. It is available in both diesel and petrol versions and offers top speed control, automatic dual speed and digital self-diagnostic testing. This system has an electronic control unit (ecu), which is connected to the vehicle’s speedometer or a mechanical gearbox sensor, to provide a speed related frequency signal.

The System 80 for diesel powered vehicles has an adjustable by-pass built into the valve, which at the pre-set maximum limited speed controls the amount of fuel to the injector pump, thus holding the speed at the required limit.

The System 80 for petrol powered vehicles operates by controlling the fuel supply to the carburettor/injectors.  This reduces the available engine power, thus controlling the speed. This system includes a speed indicator unit, incorporating a warning lamp and buzzer, to alert the driver that the system is about to operate.  Designed as a driver educational unit.