Another brilliant product from Autokontrol, leading the way in Speed Control Systems.

The Geo-Fenced Speed Limiter.

Low speed limits are becoming very common in areas designated as “High risk” often because vehicles are in close proximity to pedestrians and speeding vehicles are considered to be a major contributor to accidents.

Town centres, Airports, Seaports, Bus stations and Distribution centres are prime examples and in a time when “Duty of Care” and Health and Safety are top of most companies agendas, the Geo-Fenced limiter provides the answer.

The system works by pre loading the unit with Geo-Fence data which can be refined to cover any area as small or as large as you require.

As an example a vehicle visiting an airport with the perimeter plotted in the Geo unit, will automatically reduce the vehicle to the required speed as soon as it passes through the entrance gates and on exiting reverts back to the normal speed.

The Geo-Fencing can be extended to cover any number of locations and in all cases will transfer the responsibility for speed control from the driver to the  unit.