System Overview

At Autokontrol we are aware that most countries who introduce speed limiter legislation do not have the benefit of a Tachograph, required by law, to monitor the vehicles speed. We are also aware that interference with the speed limiter is a major problem with vehicle operators and Governments.

We have now developed a “System Test Unit” (STU). tHis is hard wired into the speed limiter ECU and will enable you to observe and test the operation of the speed control.

System Operation

The STU is mounted on the dashboard and hard wired to the speed limiter ECU, the cable can be run in conduit and sealed at the ECU. The supply light (Green) will be “ON” when the ignition is “ON”. When the set speed is reached the “RED” light and an audible buzzer will sound indicating the driver to slow down, when the vehicle slows the “RED” light and the buzzer will go off.

To check the operation of the system using the TCU5NC,  will allow the set frequency to be checked against the certificate/sticker/decal displayed.

Insert the cable from the TCU5NC in the base of the STU whilst the vehicle is stationary, turn the adjust knob