Our company manufacture and distribute automotive speed control devices, encompassing a wide variety of products from top speed,rev speed, reversing limiters to geo-fence units.



Top speed limiters for virtually all types of vehicles, including Cars, Buses, Lightweight & Heavy Trucks, more…..

Rev limiters again for all types of vehicle, can be used in conjunction with our top speed limiter or without, more…..

Geokontrol speed limiter that allows the customer to specify a location or areas and a lower speed to Geo-fence, then programmed into our unit will control the top speed of their vehicle in that area, more…..

Reversing limiter for all types of vehicles to reduce accidents, more…..

PTO Limiter that limits the risk of burning out the hydraulic pump, more…..

Automatic dual speed limiter that sets a lower speed for off road use, more…..

Automatic dual speed limiter for when a trailer is attached, more…..

Automatic dual speed limiter for a younger driver (Key control) more…..

Low speed limiter for special purpose vehicles where a low speed is required, i.e. road sweepers etc. more…..

 Emergency Vehicle speed limiter, only limits the speed for normal driving  more…..

Datalogger allow driving data to be stored up to 720 hours, overspeed, time and date, etc. …..more

If you need a specific vehicle limiting, please contact our distributor or our team via phone or the contact form.